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Notas de Elia Kazan sobre Esplendor na Relva

Espreitamos o diário de Elia Kazan e descobrimos várias entradas sobre a produção de Esplendor na Relva, que iremos publicar durante estes próximos dias. Estas notas podem ser consultadas no livro Kazan on Directing.

2 de abril de 1958

Romeo in the Age of Business, Style: A Romantic Tragedy

Deanie is being prevented from giving herself to Bud ostensibly on moral grounds, but really because Mr. and Mrs. Loomis know that 'if you give it away then he won't but it'.
A poem in praise of young love. Take time (and make the script short enough) so that
it can be a poem, so you will have time and the room for poetry, the boy and the girl laughing, eating fruit, juice of peaches running down the faces. In the sunlight. Dramatize the young love so the audience feels and knows that this is the best time of their lives.
They are not aware! They're not aware! The're not aware of what's happening to them or the significance of what's happening to them. Also, Bill Inge holds all his characters at arm's length. They should not be directed subjectively. They are all observed as characters.

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